Torrey Painting and Contracting has been serving the Merrimack Valley and Southern, NH for more than 25 years.

We are a small business and operate like one. When you hire Torrey Painting and Contacting, you get me. I am on the job, I work the job, and direct my employees throughout the job. This ensures that the work gets done as agreed, and to your satisfaction. I have been working this way for 25 years and I find it works best. I don't run mutiple jobs or crews. I don't sub-contract out the work, or sell jobs. As the result my knowledge is first hand and I feel that I can better serve my customers because of it.

Over the years we have done all types of Painting jobs and worked on all types of properties.

We do new work and have worked closely with many of the home builders in the area. So if you doing an addition, remodeling or building a home: Not only can I do the job, but I am familiar with this type of work and can offer you very competitive pricing.  

We do Exterior Painting and Carpentry Repairs. I work directly with homeowners to help you maintain and protect your property as it ages. If your house is peeling or the wood is rotting...I can address these issues and help prevent them from happening in the future.

On the inside of your home we can refresh and redecorate with paint and wallpaper. Resurface and repair your walls. Install laminate or prefinished Hardwood Floors. Many times I get the materials at wholesale prices and can help you save money.

I have done work with Historical Societies in the past. I am familiar with the kind of quality and detail that is nessesary to protect these properties. So if you have an older home I am qualified and understand  how important it can be to keep your home looking its best.

We are fully licensed and insured.
In Massachusetts I hold a Home Improvement Contractors License and a Construction Supervisors License. All the work performed will meet or exceed the building regulations as set forth by the State of Massachusetts.

Please contact me to discuss you next project.